Corporate English Course

Corporate English Course  3 months  Certificate Course  Business English and Advance level  Business English &Advance level This level includes Group discussion, public Speaking, impromptu and extempore, Attitude management, body language, …

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Fluent English course

Fluent English Course 3 months  Certificate Course  Advance level This course is for those who have  a  fair knowledge of English but want to become completely fluent and confident in…

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Basic Computer Course

Basic Computer Course Certificate in Computer Application. Computer skills are the key to get success in the modern world. This course will run you through all the basic concepts and …

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Diploma in Computer Application

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Diploma in Computer Application DCA, Diploma in Computer Application provides students with practical and scientific knowledge of computer.There are various career opportunities for those students who are aspiring for a career…

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Advance Excel course

Advance Excel Course Certificate in Advance Excel. Excel is a complex, yet easy-to-use software that contains a number of  tools with very advanced options.   One can create an attractive spreadsheet…

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IELTS3 Months courseReading, writing, speaking & listening Practice/ Mock tests

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Rapid English Course

Rapid English Course 3 monthsCertificate Course Intermediate and Advance levelThis course is for those who have  a  basic knowledge of English and want to learn English thoroughly to become fluentThe classes…

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