Voice & Accent Training

 This training program  is focused on removing any mother tongue influence and will  help participants develop a neutral English accent that can be easily understood by people across the globe.

The training methodology includes :

•Practice Vocal Exercises

• Role Plays

Video and audio materials

• Games and Group Activities

•Assessment and feedback

Duration: 36 hours

What you'll learn in this course

Accent Neutralisation:

• Identifying and eliminating Mother Tongue Influence (MTI)

• Pronunciation

• Vowel and Consonant Sounds

• Using a neutral accent

Intonation & Voice modulation techniques:

• Inflection

• Pausing

• Tone

• Pitch

• Clarity in speech

Learn the spelling and sound rules

Understand some fundamental spelling and sound rules

Listening activities

Listening, recognising and reproducing sounds

American English vs UK English

Learn the distinction between English phrases, expressions, idioms and vocabulary in American vs British English

Breathing and Posture Techniques

improve your speech delivery with the help of various breathing techniques 

Assessment and feedback:

Individual and group assignments