personality development

Personality Development

Our Personality Development courses is designed for success towards a bright future, higher confidence level, wisdom, higher salaries, promotions and better job opportunities . Enrolling in this course can  accelerate  your career, make you more confident and improve your overall  personality

Duration: 6 months

Eligibility: Class 12 and above

Classes available: Online/Offline

Life Skills Course
Personality Development & Motivational Speaking course

A comprehensive training that delivers in depth understanding of human behaviour, fears and highlights the key elements of  personality development and motivational speaking

What you’ll learn in this course

Lesson 1: How to overcome Your Fears

Lesson 2: Effective Communication skills

Lesson 3: Communicate with people that builds trust and rapport

Lesson 4: Choosing the Topic and Structure of a Speech

Lesson 5: Persuasive and Motivational Speech Principles

Lesson 6: Developing Your Style

Lesson 7: Outlining Your Speech

Lesson 8: Writing Your Speech: The Introduction, body and conclusion

Lesson 9: Connecting with the audience and engaging them

Lesson 10: Speaking to Entertain the Audience

Lesson 11: How and When to Use Visual Aids

Lesson 12: Controlling Your Voice

Lesson 13: Rehearsing Your Speech

Lesson 14: Body Language 

Course Materials

All course materials will be  provided by the institute.