Public Speaking
(3 months )

Public Speaking is the process of communicating information to an audience. It is usually done before a large audience. 

People often report an increase in their confidence and sense of achievement, the more they practice speaking in public. Other benefits of public speaking includes developing your communication skills and overall fluency

The truth is that public speaking is a skill. It can be learned. While some people may have more natural speaking ability than others, or a more pleasing voice, or are more charismatic—anyone who can speak can learn to be a better public speaker than they are right now. It just takes some techniques, practice and effort.  Benefits of knowing how to communicate to an audience include sharpening critical thinking and verbal/non-verbal communication skill

Public Speaking

Get rid of the fear of public speaking. Develop a growth mindset and create your own success blueprint communicate your thoughts and influence others. Learn the art of effective communication& radiate confidence in any situation

What you’ll learn in this course

Lesson 1:How to become an impactful speaker 

Lesson 2: Removing stage fear 

Lesson 3: Effective Communication skills 

Lesson 4: Choosing the Topic and Structure of a Speech

Lesson 5:Outlining Your Speech

Lesson 6: Writing Your Speech: The Introduction, body and conclusion

Lesson 7: Persuasive style, Presentation skills

Lesson 8: Communicate with people in a way that builds trust and rapport

Lesson 9: Connecting with the audience and engaging them

Lesson 10: Speaking to Entertain the Audience

Lesson 11: How and When to Use Visual Aids

Lesson 12: Voice Modulation

Lesson 13: Rehearsing Your Speech

Lesson 14: Body Language 

 Course Materials

All course materials will be  provided by the institute